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Word Newbie
Newbie Food
Newbie Music

Word Trainee
Trainee Human Body
Trainee Mammals
Trainee Weather
Trainee Party

Word Apprentice
Apprentice Colors
Apprentice In the Air
Apprentice Tools
Apprentice Beach

Word Explorer
Explorer Circus
Explorer Games
Explorer Literature
Explorer Furniture

Word Talent
Talent Occupations
Talent Crime
Talent Movies
Talent Sweet and Desserts

Word Professional
Professional Vehicles
Professional Instruments
Professional Horror
Professional Travel

Word Specialist
Specialist Space
Specialist Vegetables
Specialist Archeology
Specialist Forest

Word Expert
Expert In The City
Expert Fruit & Berries
Expert Dance
Expert Energy

Word Professor
Professor Birds
Professor Family
Professor Music
Professor Beverages

Word Chief
Chief Sports
Chief Shapes
Chief Countries
Chief Clothes

Word Elite
Elite Ocean
Elite In the Kitchen
Elite Human Body
Elite Occupations

Word Authority
Authority Food
Authority Skiing
Authority Building
Authority Crafts

Word Ace
Ace Safari
Ace Spices
Ace Insects & Bugs
Ace Fishing

Word Master
Master Recycling
Master Shopping
Master Trees & Plants
Master Space

Word Champion
Champion Mammals
Champion Accessories
Champion Vegetables
Champion Coffee

Word Superstar
Superstar Party
Superstar In the Office
Superstar Vehicles
Superstar Emotions

Word Guru
Guru Beach
Guru Jewelry
Guru Desert
Guru Countries

Word Legend
Legend Sweets & Desserts
Legend Psychology
Legend Entertainment
Legend At Home

Word Magician
Magician Makeup
Magician Transport
Magician Forest
Magician History

Word Wizard
Wizard Weather
Wizard Technology
Wizard Business & Economics
Wizard Movies

Word Whizz
Whizz Fashion
Whizz School
Whizz Party
Whizz Engineering

Word Prodigy
Prodigy Travel
Prodigy Occupations
Prodigy Crime
Prodigy Mammals

Word Brainiac
Brainiac Circus
Brainiac Biology
Brainiac Hobbies
Brainiac Textile

Word Savant
Savant Rainforest
Savant Literature
Savant Camping
Savant In the North

Word Virtuoso
Virtuoso TV
Virtuoso Accessories
Virtuoso Landscape
Virtuoso Instruments

Word Genius
Genius Food
Genius Birds
Genius Cleaning
Genius In the Morning

Word Jedi
Jedi Research
Jedi Buildings
Jedi Countries
Jedi Emotions

Word Mastermind
Mastermind Games
Mastermind Ocean
Mastermind Human Body
Mastermind Sports

Word Super Mastermind
Super Mastermind School
Super Mastermind In the Air
Super Mastermind Shopping
Super Mastermind In the City

Word Adventurer
Business & Economics
Human Body

Word Almighty

Word Winner

Word Supernova

Word Solver

Word Star

Word Searcher
Farming & Agriculture

Word Sage
Nouns that Start with N
Green Things
Visual Arts
Gym & Fitness

Word Oracle
Cooking Verbs

Word Leader
Nouns that End with K
Castles & Royalty

Word Shepherd
Movement Verbs

Word Enchanter
Trees & Plants
In the Kitchen
Loan Words

Word Overlord
In the Office
Emotions & Feelings
Verbs that Start with K

Word Conqueror
Fruit & Berries
Herbs & Spices

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WordBrain 2 — 316 Comments

  1. I’m trying to complete level 4 science but can’t figure it out. I have been checking out the cheats and it isn’t there. Can anyone please help me out

  2. Im stuck on NATUTRE Level 1, two 3 letter words one starts with L the other starts with S and a 4 letter word starts with W. The letters are A G E W O O L F L S

  3. I need help with sport + in the north level 5 – I have fencing, bear and the third starts with I which I think is igloo


    In the air + in space level 2 – I have galaxy and owl.

  4. Space and in the air lvl1
    Venus. Comet. Aircraft. Frisbee
    Galaxy. Owl. Kite. Zeppelin. Hawk.
    Gas. Planet. Megabat. Orbit. Crow.
    Fly. Jet. Chopper. Jupiter. Eagle.
    Rocket. Airplane. Seagull. Star.
    Yeah, yw πŸ™‚

  5. Need desperate help for city and ocean level 4. Used up all hints I bought. First word starts with s, second with p and third with f.

  6. GUYS! LEVEL 3 Beach the answer for the last one is JELLYFISH. I think it updated or something idk but for me its not sunstroke its Jellyfish.

  7. stuck on beverages level 2. I know the words are coffee, juice and water but I can’t figure out how the get the word water.. Please help

  8. The cheats for mastermind schools level 2 does not match the puzzle. I cannot get the words given to match the cheat. Anyone else have this problem?

  9. Hello all. I saw there was an update that contains 120 more puzzles . Anyone know how to get that. Or do I just go to settings apps or play store try to download app again

  10. Can someone please help me with psychology level 2 in word adventurer ?! I’ve been stuck for almost a week, I’ve got the first two words but can’t get the third which starts with a ‘T’ and is 7 letters long πŸ™ thanks in advance!

  11. Can anybody help with the words for adventurer psychology level 5 please ? Have got health and know the next begins with d but can’t get it. Thanks

  12. There are six more levels, from word adventurer on. It’s easy to find sites with the answers, but i can’t find any with just the clues. Any chance those will get added? Your site is really great, because sometimes i just need a little push. Thx!

  13. Any chance in extending this to include the new levels from word adventurer on? I love having the first letter hints, all other sites just give you the answers πŸ™

  14. Virtuoso level 3. Have beeen stuck for 3 days. Words do not match hints at all. Have used clues for each of the 6 words and for 2 of the first. Nowhere. Any help. Never been this stymied.

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