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Welcome to the best walkthrough and answer guide for WordBrain by MAG Interactive. Step by step solutions and word hints for both easy solving and still posing as a puzzle challenge. So enjoy and have fun instead of getting frustrated and stuck for days. Remember to bookmark us or share us with your friends if you enjoyed using our work to help you solve the WordBrain puzzles!

Please feel free to leave comments if you see any errors or mistakes, and we will do our best to fix the errors. Thank you for choosing us!

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Best WordBrain Cheats Solution — 267 Comments

  1. Level 14 (not sure what category) is not possible to solve. I purchased 10 hints anyway, and it filled in the answers and the puzzle is “solved” and yet it won’t let us move on. The words are ghost, shoelace, and cup. I hope you can fix this because everyone in my household, including my 94-yr-old mother, loves playing wordbrain.

    Thank you!

  2. Do the words have a theme or anything in common to know what you are looking for? The only hints I get are for the first letter, which is helpful, but when you are out of hints it would be helpful to know if the words have a theme.

  3. Besides Stack, which is great at giving you free, first letter hints–but it is limited as there are only so many hints and then it’s over–doesn’t matter that you are not done puzzle-solving. You can’t get any more for free! Anyone know of free sites for first letter only clues? I’m at Lion 11 and just found out about cheat sites. I am proud yet feel lame that I didn’t think to check! I don’t want the answers, just the 1st letters. If I paid for “hints”, my husband would put me in some kind of program, lol

    • Thank you for your feedback. We will do a test run of “hints” only mode providing the first letters of each words. Starting from 12/25/15 puzzles we will provide the link at the top of the page. Enjoy!

      • Thank you for the hints only page; it’s perfect! Wanted you to know that my eleven year old twins and my partner are all hooked. I created a puzzle for him as his Christmas present, and now we’re making them for each other.

      • Am new to Wordbrain and I find it very challenging. a few tmes i get stuck but am able to use the hints that register not so often. but now am stuck level 13 CAT after two weeks. would i still get hints?

  4. My elephant level 17 isn’t the one given anywhere I have to find an 11 letter word can’t find any of the words. Please help!

  5. Sheep, Level 8 is impossible to solve. The first word is Meat. The second Sheriff and the 3rd is boots…..however, you can not get the “t” next to one of the “o”s. Am I missing something?

      • BOFT
        Is this what your level puzzle looks like? If you remove MEAT then SHERIFF you should have –
        OST left. Go from the B down to O diagonally up to the other O diagonally down to T then left to S.

  6. My level numbers are three digits and I can’t find the correct hints. For instance, I’m on Whale level 248 and it doesn’t correspond to any of the puzzles I’m seeing. This happened with the Elephant pack as well and they all seemed to be themes. Help!

  7. Is there any way the WordBrain puzzle page could be slightly redesigned? It is frighteningly easy to accidentally press the Hints icon by accident on my iPad mini and I would dearly like it to be moved to the top of the page where I can’t rub my finger over it by mistake.

  8. Octopus, level 3, is not correct. EARTH cannot be used because the R is in the wrong place. Please fix. I cannot move forward. Thank you.

  9. My husband and I have Microsoft Windows phones and have word brain game my daughter has iPhone with it our puzzles were all the same unto we reached elephant level 235. We are stuck on 238 with no possible answers. All of the cheats are the puzzles that my daughters phone has while ours is no where to be found. We also never earn hints. Could you help????

  10. Mine is also installed in a windows phone and stucked at elephant level 236.,and cheats are nowhere to be found.please help so i can move.thanks

  11. Hi, I am halfway through Policeman, and this morning (4th Feb 2016) the app froze, then disappeared from my ipad! I think this coincided with an upgrade? If I reinstall, will I have to start again? Couldn’t bear it and would abandon the challenge altogether.

  12. Can anyone help. I got to CAT level 19 and found it impossible to solve. I know all the words but can’t get the answers to line up. I found a customer service email address about a week ago and sent a request for help but never heard back. I can’t move forward, used 16 hints for which I had to pay. No help yet but they take my money. Thanks.

  13. I am unable to solve Owl Level 345 first row: LANOHY and can’t find any cheats. I purchased more hints and they’re not working

  14. Please help I am stuck on monkey 11 my puzzle doesn’t work with your answers I need an 11 letter word can’t find any words needed

    • Never mind I finally was able to get the words to disappear. My download takes days to accept the words I put in. All of a sudden it starts accepting them. So frustrating!!!

  15. Please help I am Stuck on octopus level…. No where can I find a cheat… Using a windows phone. My grid starts with monli

  16. At times more so in the beginning of the game I will spell a word and it’s not accepted, but once the game gets down to the last few words the exact word that was previously not accepted will now be accept?

  17. A friend introduced me to Wordbrain & I have been beavering through the levels. Foolishly used up my hints way too early & have had none for ages. She gets free hints every time she “likes on FB” but that dowsn’t work for me. On some trying puzzles have asked my friend for hints since she is way ahead of me, only to discover that the puzzle grids appearing on my Surface puzzles are quite different from hers and do match any of the Cheat answer sheets. Usually manage to find a solution after a couple of days of revisiting but Whale level 5 has me stumped!!! Top row ANKTS. Any help appreciated.

  18. The grid does not open in my iPhone. Please help. I get the “Wordbrain” word and a “back” arrow but not the grid.

  19. The grid does not open in my iPhone. Please help. I get the “Wordbrain” word and a “back” arrow but not the grid. I am on Dinasaur level 17.

  20. Need some help anyone please. Been stuck for some time now on octopus 5- NOOLK
    Can’t find any help or correct hints, Windows phone.

    Found comments, hope it helps, someone PLEASE !!!

  21. I have a Windows phone and the answers online don’t match up with my grids now I’ve reached Elephant. Is there somewhere I can find the answers?

  22. Website needs up dating desperately as NONE of your answers are compatible with WINDOWS phone.

    So PLEASE please check this as it affects many people who otherwise enjoy & try to play the game .

    Please Help !!!

    • My clown 14 doesn’t match the answers given on various websites I know oil is my 3 letter word PLEASE someone help!!!!!

  23. Level 9 cannot be completed- chimney can’t be entered so how can I move on. I wasted some of my hints trying to put in the last word. I would like credit and want to move on. Please reply

    • Level 2 on sciencetst cannot be completed due to the O In row 6 mysteriously disappeared and therefore cannot enter the word BUTTER, how do I move past this level..

  24. I LOVE the game!!! Twice I did not receive hints that I have earned some by posting on Facebook and earning hints through completing a level. Thank you

  25. The shark level ckrs does not work out. I know the words are collar dress and cheek but the letter placements won’t let one make these words

  26. Whale level 257. Please help. 2 words are enemy and villain – on windows version. The other 2 seem to be viral and opponent but I can’t get to the letters. Any suggestions

  27. I have just completed Alien Level 20, the usual screen popped up for next level and extra hints which was odd as I had,finished all levels but I thought perhaps there were new levels. It has sent me back to the beginning of Alien level. What is the problem here? Not happy, it took a lot of time to complete it.

  28. Can anyone help with Lion level 19? First row ESETQ. Have the different version where none of the wordbrain answers apply, & can’t buy or win hints:( Tried lots of words but none that ‘work’. Looking for 7 letter word, two 5 letter words & an 8 letter word. Thanks

  29. Why does the shuffle button not shuffle the letters? Sometimes they have to be shuffled in order to solve puzzle.

  30. I’ve been stuck on sheep 16 for a couple days. I just tried the hint app and it gave me letters I didn’t have.. So I tried the cheat app and it gave me words for letters I don’t have. Apparently I’m not getting past that level. πŸ™

    • Hello,

      It’s not possible because WordBrain has now randomized the levels. The orders that you see might be different from anyone else’ game.

  31. Shark CKRS is suppose to be Collar/Dress/Cheek but there is no way to connect those letters that I can see. Anyone have a suggestion? If one can’t complete a game how do you move on?

  32. Hello, Just downloaded game and I’m enjoying it but I came across a glitch/bug on level 5 whereby the letters of the solution word aren’t lined up in an order you can swipe them (in this case, the words are melon and well). I tried using the reset but it didn’t jumble the letters around. Now I can’t get past the level. Any fix for this?

  33. Hello. Here’s the problem. When I complete a level, it says I get three new hints. That worked fine and I ended up with 58 hints. I completed one level and it said I would get three additional hints if I ‘liked’ on FB. It didn’t give me the extra hints. Over several levels, I used 8 hints so I had 50 left. I completed three more levels and was supposed to get three more hints upon completing each. I did not get the extra hints. I’ve still got only 50 points and am short so many hints, I’ve lost count! What’s happening?

  34. I’m just starting & I can’t get the letters to swipe. When I try they just jiggle. If I can’t get this solved I will just delete it & play my other games. Can anyone help me?

  35. My game on my phone is not responding…. no hits come up. I am Whale level 4. I have tried to use “mass” as a word. It came across as a word. I hit the refresh button the word “mass” went away. When I used the letters again to spell “mass” it dosen’t go down to the spot where it went before. I even used a hint and the letter “m” came up where the word “mass” went before…. help please…… any ideas on how to make it work. I have shut phone off and turned it back on.

    Regards and Thank you for a timely response.

  36. I bought 150 hints to day, for Β£7.99, and you still have not put them onto my account. So I cannot play any more until you add them.
    THerefore I don’t trust you. Refund my money immediately, and cancel my request. I will do crosswords instead.
    I don’t like it that there is nowhere to contact you on your website, apart from this comment board. I think your service is very dodgy.

  37. Shark level 13: the words are coconut/loop/ocean. After swiping coconut & loop in all possible orders and tile combos it is not possible to get the tiles for the word ocean to line up to solve the puzzle. Help.

  38. How come the harrow warning us we’re not doing it the right way doesn’t warn us anymore by turning around? It was a great help especially when we are at quite an advance grid of 6 to 7 words. Please help.

    • I have the same problem as Carolyn Schaefer.Very frustrating ! Lion Level 12 does not fall into place even though I have tried to use all the correct words in various ways.

  39. I’m doing the valentine challenge & have been given 86 hearts from the start & no more since?!! Seems rather strange. Surely I get additional hearts after each completed set? I also share to my Twitter!

  40. Wordbrain has added a new theme: Minotaur. Thought I was finished (with your help after teacher), but evidently not! Extremely hard and only shows 1 person has completed theme. Hope you are working on this!

  41. There is a nee level, Minotaur. The anseers are om line but mot all of them work! Or at least after 30 tries, it just won’t work for me. (# 17). Desperately need a walk through! Please!
    Answers: Lovely, Resist, Remember, Premium, Pressure, Emphasis, Assess, Interior, Restore.
    Tried doing them last to first, random, in order (every which way), but no luck.

  42. I am stuck on the first word of level 5 Minotaur!! I know it starts with an I. Have you been able to find the cheats for this level?

  43. Wordbrain 2 has added a bunch of new levels since your last update (there have been at least two sets of new puzzles). Please PLEASE add the new puzzles! You guys are the best hint system around by far. I’m really missing you on these harder levels! (Grids are now 8×8!)

    Thx! πŸ™‚

  44. In Alien Level 6, there is a hint giving me start letter of G but there is no G in the grid?? I checked cheats and it won’t let me past this G word to complete?? Help

  45. On the Owl level – #16 — the puzzle letters don’t coincide w the answer key. I am at that level and can’t figure it out due to the discrepancies. The word “Lorry” is included but it is not possible to put that word together based on the letters provided. Please help as I’d like to move on to the next puzzle – please and thank you!

  46. Hi There,

    Please create new tap for Bigfoot and Ytei I solved all the levels
    I can give you all the answers if you like.

    Thank you

    • I have all the words for Bigfoot level 9 but cannot get them input in the correct order to complete the puzzle. There’s always 1 letter out of place at the end. So frustrating. Any step by step info??

  47. I’ve been working on finishing wordbrain for about a year, I got to robot level which was second to last. I was 95 percent done then I picked up the puzzle today and they added 3 more levels making me 86 percent done! Why the F$&@ did they do that I’m so frustrated that I’m quitting wordbrain and will tell anyone who wants to play it’s not worth it

  48. Stuck on level 18 of astronaut. Cannot find the hints for it. STCRLOH is what I have. Help plz. Also I have not received my hints for finishing the last category.

  49. Word Brain Alien Level 6
    The letter G is one of my hints and there is no G in the letters in the square
    Very frustrated- now can’t continue πŸ˜–

  50. Word Brain Alien Level 6
    The letter G is one of my hints and there is no G in the letters in the square
    Very frustrated- now can’t continue πŸ˜–

  51. I find the location of the HINT button is too easy to hit accidentally. The other day I set my iPad down and picked it up an hour later and 27 hints had been used! Clearly I must have picked it up with my thumb on the HINT button. If the HINT button were in the top center or bottom center of the layout it would be harder to hit accidentally. Actually, top center is best. Also, make it so you have to hit the HINT button a second time to activate the HINT…see Word Chums game HINT button.

  52. As well as relocating the HINT button, make it MUCH smaller. Again, it’s too easy to accidentally activate.

  53. Any chance you will extend hints and answers for wordbrain 2 from word adventurer on? I see now you have the new categories listed, but no links yet. Do you need users to submit answers? I really miss your hints because I don’t usually want the full answer like other sites give. Here’s hoping you will continue…

  54. Are here any hints or clues for the last three puzzles? I don’t see any and they’re very difficult. Im on the ladt three.

  55. i am on Minotaur level 10. I’ve gone 93% thru wordbrain and i can’t solve this one. I’ve used hints but I’m stuck after COMMENT… can’t go any further…suggestions??

  56. why doesnt wordbrain glitch have solutions to minotaur, bigfoot & yeti? I’ve gone this far and neef to finish…

  57. The game is stuck on level 17. “Trunk” is greyed out and when I add “cart” it does nothing. I have tried deleting and reinstalling to no avail. Thanks for your help

  58. Wordbrain Yeti Level 20 is impossible to get. We figured all of the words out but can’t get them in order. I was frustrated so went on YouTube to watch how it’s done and when they get to the last two words the screen goes black and the words just appear in the answer. What happened??

    • Nancy , you managed to get through to Yeti
      Can you tell me how you got Bigfoot ?
      I have even looked at cheats but letters are different order so I can’t carry on 😀

  59. 4th puzzle of dragon doesn’t match ….lorry is not in the puzzle…..can’t figure it out…any help out there?

  60. I’m on Dinosaur 8. The cheat says “mailbox” is one of the answers but my puzzle doesn’t have an “x”.
    My puzzle doesn’t have the same letters as the one in the cheat.

  61. I’m on Dinosaur 8. The cheat says “mailbox” is one of the answers but my puzzle doesn’t have an “x”.
    My puzzle doesn’t have the same letters as the one in the cheat.

  62. Dinosaur Level 12 has a glitch. In looking at all cheat options I can see that something appears to be wrong. For example, both the words ‘jump’ and ‘faucet ‘ require a ‘u’ but there is only one in puzzle. It’s also looks like the first word ‘comb’ is on the far left row in the cheat videos but now it is in the center.


  63. Bigfoot section 2, word 3 …….cannot be completed. Impossible. It has major glitch. I am the only player this far. Stop begore you reach it. Farewell

  64. I am on Unicorn level 15. The puzzle is different than the one on cheats and has an x in it where as the answers do not have one x in any of them. I can’t move on and am stuck. Help

  65. Monkey levels 11 and 12.
    The puzzles I show do not match anything that is online help.
    I cannot make the words that are suggested and when I enter my top row of letters — no puzzles can be found?
    How do you move on?
    Does anyone even answer these comments?

  66. Robot level 7 supposedly contains “blouse”. However the only letters left after solving all but cherry and blouse are ngiimt and cherry. I’m stumped on what ngiimt can possibly spell. (Certainly, not blouse!) I’ve tried every combo I can and nothing makes a legitimate word.

  67. Monkey – level 11 … anybody? Puzzle does not match what is online so I cannot complete the level. It looks like level 12 doesn’t match either?
    How do you advance????

  68. I have been stuck on alien level 18 for a very long time, and have checked with the cheat, but the puzzles don’t match up. Did they change them? I need help! I know the words but they don’t work!

  69. I have been stuck on Doctor, Level 2. It is on my phone. The letters are not the same as what I have found here and it won’t let me go to level 3.

  70. Is anyone replying to the questions? I’ve been trying to figure out Dinosaur 12 for 3 weeks. I have the word “senior” and the answer key says there should be “faucet”. I don’t have the letters for that. I cannot complete the puzzle because I cannot get “snail”, “goat” or “left”. It’s too bad because up until now, I’ve enjoyed the game. I guess I’ll have to delete it from my list of games. πŸ™ third time requesting help.

  71. Alien level 4 is not solvable for me. In the cheats, the first line is different from my puzzle. Same words but letters are not possible to connect.

    Also, I cannot collect the 2017 Summer Challenge hints. The option does not show up when I open the game. It only shows me Word Brain 2.

  72. It appears the word bods at wordbrain don’t read the comments listed and don’t want to put right puzzles that are incorrect because it all changed after the update about a week ago.Let us hope they read this and correct the puzzle THE PUZZEL TO BE CORRECTED IS DINOSAUR PUZZEL NO 12 CANT FIND GOAT JUMP SNAIL AND FINALLY LEFT.I Hope you will be able to sort it out soon.ta.

    • Thank you for the feedback, we are in the process of updating the entire site to reflect the latest updates, as well as the new puzzles. Please check back later!

  73. Doctor level 2 impossible. I do not understand how you get ‘language’ even though I know ‘language’ is the word I figured that out. got so frustrated because there was no way to get to it had the Hints fill it in but still does not seem possible to get it from where I’m looking at my puzzle there’s no way to get from G to UA. If it were an error how did over 60,000 solve? Frustrated

  74. Correct puzzle 2 of Bigfoot. It is impossible to do the third word as the K does not drop down far enoughafter the first word of Positive.

    • We have just tested our walkthrough and the orders work. If the “k” does not work, please try the images step by step. Good luck!

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