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Best WordBrain Cheats Solution — 309 Comments

  1. I’m on accessories level 5. The answer key says I spying have bondo, sunglasses, etc. Mine starts out with tiara, sunglasses, then is impossible to complete.

  2. Astronaut level is not on here anymore . I have been using this site for weeks and for some reason today some of the levels are missing . More than one too

    • I am in the same dilemma. I just wanted the first letters of each word but now can’t even find astronaut! Where is it. I am on level 10. Anyone know where it is?

  3. I’m on scientist and it’s not on here. Can you please add the themes that are missing??? All of them use to be on here and some of them just disappeared .

  4. re: ROBOT …. Level 8 – published answer # 7 is POLO; and Polo doen’t work. Probable transcription error (i.e. same letters, but should spell LOOP for the # 7 answer.

  5. My wife and I enjoy this game. I often get hints by playing the commercials that frequently are available to me; I play this on an iPhone. My wife, in her iPad, the game version she has never offers a hint; she even played the “Daily holiday challenge” and others to earn some hints, but never received these.
    I thought she might delete from her iPad this app and download it again, but my concern is she would have to start from the beginning again.

    So, what needs to be done for her to earn, as I do, free hints, without having to start to play from the very beginning? She is at werewolf #12.

  6. In Wordbrain 2 Word Oracle the list on here has the theme Colors but my game has the theme Transport and I am stuck on level 1. Help please.

  7. My wife and I are both playing the game. We have found that the puzzles we get on certain levels are not the same. I also note that the Lion level 14 I am on is not the same as the level shown here. Mine is a 8×8 matrix with 8 words, the smallest being 6 letters.

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