Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Sheep Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Each link also has step by step walkthrough showing you the order of the solutions.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Sheep Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Sheep Level NONC
Jam – Cannon – Percent

Sheep Level YRSH
GoldFish – Cemetery

Sheep Level TNLE
Jam – boot – Trowel – Tin

Sheep Level OOSB
Mouse – Butter – Spoon

Sheep Level RNSO
Timber – TV – Oar – Twins

Sheep Level WEBT
Screw – Twins – Rabbit

Sheep Level LLEE
BarBell – Tepee – Moth

Sheep Level BOFT
Meat – Sheriff – Boots

Sheep Level RKCT
Talk – Root – Haystack

Sheep Level BTET
Bullet – Sock – Bottle

Sheep Level OHSA
Aerial – Bag – TV – Shoes

Sheep Level SORE
Anchor – Scooter – Elk

Sheep Level DPEY
Cap – Record – Chimney

Sheep Level EEMS
Scooter – Mince – Edge

Sheep Level LABB
Crab – Biscuit – Smell

Sheep Level LATI
Small – Camera – Skirt

Sheep Level BRUO
Ruler – Bullet – Onion

Sheep Level KLIN
Block – Volcano – Boot

Sheep Level BTEN
Kitten – Puzzle – Barn

Sheep Level SGIK
Cheese – Axe – Keyring


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  1. The way letters are set up there is NO way to get chimney. I’m very disappointed because I was enjoying your game please fix so I can continue.

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