Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Penguin Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Penguin Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Penguin Level ENRD
Table – Record – North

Penguin Level DOOR
Cupboard – Oval – Roof

Penguin Level BESN
Lantern – Ask – Barrel

Penguin Level LHES
Pencil – Earth – Sheep

Penguin Level EKSY
Celery – Thick – Slide

Penguin Level RCOU
Tongue – Mirror – Crow

Penguin Level NHYN
Trophy – Nurse – Melon

Penguin Level DKNR
Butter – Bacon – Drink

Penguin Level PSTA
Meat – Sheep – Bat – Card

Penguin Level TDAC
Bag – Nut – Dream – Cabin

Penguin Level BNGY
Gloves – Bag – Keyring

Penguin Level LATO
Goat – Bullet – Orange

Penguin Level NTET
Hatchet – Nut – Stilts

Penguin Level FHFS
Flag – Neck – Starfish

Penguin Level PIRC
Switch – Drink – Piano

Penguin Level TENE
Trombone – Tricycle

Penguin Level TNYT
Roof – Empty – Jump – Tin

Penguin Level DYAE
Card – Necktie – Spray

Penguin Level WENF
Saw – Hen – Crow – Finger

Penguin Level SSEH
Scissors – Wink – Heel

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Penguin — 26 Comments

  1. I am stuck on penguin level 9 , I’ve resorted to cheating but the cheat answer isn’t correct. This puzzle is not solvable at least that’s what I think . Could you please give me some help?
    I am using an Asus Phone

  2. I was on the snake level. Had 18 percent done and lost my levels. Did exactly like I was told and if I go into the penguin level it comes up that my levels are solved, but if I try and go to the snake level it says puzzles 2 to 20 are unsolved. Work hard to get to the level and now it’s lost. Cannot go on would have to start over. NO THANKS

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