Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Dinosaur Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Dinosaur Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Dinosaur Level GGEANTSB
Pirate, Odd, Canoe, Fan, Earring, Dentist, Compass, Crown, Bed, Big, Porridge, Fist, Dog

Dinosaur Level SEEOSPTM
Salt, Scale, Salute, Toilet, Faucet, Suitcase, Cyclops, Fish, Cookie, Kite, Melon, Pie

Dinosaur Level LRIBLEOS
Horse, Log, Stairs, Pigsty, Broom, Feather, Wolf, Doctor, Label, Soap, Candle, Biscuit

Dinosaur Level BDAOLEEY
Bite, Birthday, Sink, Boot, Shin, Multiply, Rope, Cow, Wide, Doll, Turtle, Chimney, Moth

Dinosaur Level LHEYLBMK
Bomb, Umbrella, Piano, Book, Center, Hammer, Balloon, Monkey, Pipe, File, Mouth, Lemon

Dinosaur Level FYNRRWAA
Surgery, Oval, Shoulder, Carrot, Gap, Cane, Chainsaw, Corner, Bedroom, Fly, Paint, Tin

Dinosaur Level HCEPKLKC
Tree, Church, Shallow, Banana, Tug, Haystack, Bolt, Down, Plate, Skull, Pumpkin, Sheep

Dinosaur Level RESLEFEO
Golf, Pepper, Shower, Hen, Mailbox, Peach, Edge, Scarf, Whisper, Eyeball, Straw, Plane

Dinosaur Level BTNHTEEP
Pencil, Switch, Rooster, Puzzle, Bald, Zipper, Fin, Eat, Elbow, Moon, Planet, Bacon, Sun

Dinosaur Level UTMHWBEG
Sad, Thin, Talk, Mushroom, Whistle, Dog, Glue, Square, Medal, Whale, Fence, Crack, Globe

Dinosaur Level ENENRKAO
Empty, Vitamin, Apple, Root, Bathroom, Female, Thumb, Ask, Duck, Iron, Fang, Canoe, Corn

Dinosaur Level EWRCAIHC
Jump, Faucet, Goat, Marble, Snail, Fork, Left, Meat, Chin, Comb, Male, Timber, Tall, Witch

Dinosaur Level GKCDEOSY
Bed, Snowman, Profit, Pump, Trophy, Sword, Collar, Gloves, Joker, Drink, Rocket, Glass

Dinosaur Level CPSNNMBE
Ask, Shovel, Ladder, Stairs, Cake, Napkin, Slippers, Saw, Cucumber, Window, Boot, Mast

Dinosaur Level LNMETTNR
Negative, Full, Bell, Toaster, Kite, Cannon, Tent, Patient, Brush, Pen, File, Broom, Eye

Dinosaur Level EKAITLTC
Sink, Shield, Cup, Upstairs, Trousers, Boots, Earring, Angle, Log, Toilet, Steak, Card

Dinosaur Level TARIGLRE
Aerial, Tomato, Mast, Record, Target, Skirt, Sausage, Blouse, Doorbell, Wing, Flower

Dinosaur Level TOUHHSSN
Robot, Bat, Tie, Dart, Corner, Noose, Grapes, Teapot, Church, Melon, Bee, Sheriff, Fruit

Dinosaur Level WTELPCER
Peace, Money, Puzzle, Board, Stern, Turtle, Butcher, Hook, Chimney, Box, Hatchet, Wink

Dinosaur Level CSMENETR
Japan, Question, Lava, Cat, Cork, Arrow, Wink, Buckle, Cart, Magnet, Wolf, Coconut, Game

**Special Thanks to Jls2rt for solving the majority of these puzzles!**

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  1. Is it just me, or are all the answers here for Dinosaur out of order & even missing words?? I’ve had to go into the walk through for the first several levels instead of just the words on this page like I’ve been doing in other levels.

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