Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Dragon Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Dragon Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Dragon Level YCEDNEEE
Spray, Japan, Question, Roof, Percent, Purse, Medicine, Swing, Saw, Bread, Cane, North

Dragon Level PIWENBEN
Clown, Tomato, Peace, Sing, Wink, Necklace, Rifle, Cheek, Bone, Bottle, Bow, Fold, Money

Dragon Level RUHCECEZ
Elevator, Surgery, Zipper, Tie, Lens, Cherry, Celery, Punch, Customer, Plum, Pancake.

Dragon Level LALELTIE
Tennis, Lorry, Cream, Windmill, Palm, Lighter, Axe, Brick, Skirt, Picture, Whale, Cart

Dragon Level LOBGPBKB
Female, Candle, Balloon, Barn, Castle, Lamp, Egg, Kitchen, Right, Cupboard, Socks, Bat

Dragon Level EXEGSIAT
Sail, Flower, Box, Gun, Porridge, Twins, Divide, Raincoat, Anchor, Scales, Cow, Orange

Dragon Level RAHHEDMT
Trombone, Painter, Knife, Chair, Shark, Bed, Hatchet, Whistle, Shirt, Dynamite, Duck

Dragon Level PCWRFSHK
Paddle, Plate, Cork, Angle, Cemetery, Well, Sign, Stripe, Sheriff, Pliers, Right, Milk

Dragon Level PDINRELN
Sun, Middle, Launch, Fork, Balls, Funnel, Onion, Kick, Fly, Rooster, Panda, Pencil, File

Dragon Level ENETCUNT
Medicine, Ghost, Envelope, Trophy, Meat, Negative, Sock, Aerial, Yacht, Jug, Knuckle

Dragon Level NLHTPEGS
Rifle, Label, Waffle, Patch, Down, Mountain, Drip, ToƱgue, Necklace, Snowman, Finger

Dragon Level GCECNSWO
Jam, Golf, Elbow, Bacon, Planet, Punch, Game, Sausage, Bag, Turkey, Smile, Cannon, House.

Dragon Level HIOSTSVT
Corner, Lava, Belt, Clam, Switch, Soap, Mushroom, Scales, Panties, Gloves, Sofa, Table.

Dragon Level BCEERNTE
Skull, Fence, Tent, Path, Biscuit, Thin, Muscle, Nose, Whisper, Scale, Goat, Buckle, Cap

Dragon Level IFOPRSRP
Grass, Pig, Monster, Dream, Medal, Coconut, Ghost, Deep, Eye, Cucumber, Drip, Floor, Owl

Dragon Level DTOALREI
Eagle, Screw, Helmet, Bone, Pillar, Odd, Cashier, Sock, Arrow, Listen, Key, Wheel, Field

Dragon Level EGBATEFG
Arm, Feather, Horse, Antenna, Kitten, Fang, Bread, Steak, Plane, Peach, Globe, Flag, Bow

Dragon Level NOSPLKLO
Heart, Pancake, Potato, Earth, Melon, Trousers, Goldfish, Sugar, Whisper, Crack, Lip

Dragon Level EEBSOPRA
Dice, Kite, Rocket, Doorbell, Collar, Football, Nurse, Stereo, Period, Sign, Butcher

Dragon Level ASSCNCNF
Vampire, Thick, Upstairs, Vitamin, Shorts, Slide, Fist, Face, Music, Aerial, Wide, Pen

Special thanks to Jls2rt, Renee Meyer, tfhusker and anonymous for providing answers to this pack.

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  1. Please note:
    Level 9 solution shown above is actually level 10 and level 10 is level 11
    Therefore level 9 solution is missing

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