Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Monkey Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Monkey Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Monkey Level ULNGTU
Crab, Padlock, Turtle, South, Unicycle, String

Monkey Level LTKOMS
Cufflink, Straw, Toilet, Knife, Mushroom, Heel

Monkey Level SORELW
Scales, Tv, File, Sword, Volcano, Whale, Stinger

Monkey Level LSESSP
Launch, Stereo, Whisper, Stilts, Square, Mouse

Monkey Level ATSSMH
Cream, Peach, Target, Sofa, Spinach, Empty, Skis

Monkey Level CSECEE
Shoes, Peace, Wheel, Slide, Church, Smile, Scarf

Monkey Level SOERMO
Eskimo, Onions, Shallow, Rope, Sheep, Bathroom

Monkey Level NDRNOJ
Drip, Piano, Tail, Japan, Bread, Cannon, Butcher

Monkey Level DRGGTY
Ferry, Laugh, Fold, Mirror, Duckling, Birthday

Monkey Level LPHDEM
Bald, Edge, Witch, Stripe, Postcard, Ruler, Palm

Monkey Level TARREL
Twins, Milk, Egg, Eraser, Fruit, Pirate, Bite, Fly

Monkey Level HAORGN
Wink, Doctor, Tongue, Anvil, laugh, keyring, dog

Monkey Level PEEORD
Duckling, Igloo, Shout, Ruler, Edge, Gap, Period

Monkey Level RITOIP
Brush, Cheek, Bottle, Piano, Plate, Ferry, Rifle

Monkey Level NLPMSO
Soup, Mountain, Sail, Mast, Jacket, Plum, Shower

Monkey Level DOAYLE
Cemetery, Postcard, Lens, Pillar, Record, Sing

Monkey Level ECNAPT
Umbrella, Dustbin, Big, Pancake, Overlap, Tent

Monkey Level RBAILF
Cookie, Milk, Football, Monkey, Shin, Bathroom

Monkey Level SOEAGP
Lemon, Pliers, Magnet, Saw, Broom, Eat, Glue, Sock

Monkey Level WASTZP
Tennis, Kitten, Chainsaw, Rocket, Ship, Puzzle

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Monkey — 84 Comments

  1. Cannot get two of the words to take off. The words whisper and mouse will not work the p in whisper and u in mouse tryedceverywayvto make it work

  2. Having trouble clearing the u and whisper .some of the letters will not matter how UK do it it doesn’t work can someone help. Been on it for a month

  3. I have been trying for 5 days to solve level 371 on monkey which is not to be found on your website. I have a Nokia lumia windows phone and the monkey levels are not the same. Please help. The level has 1×11 2×7 1×6 1×5 letter words. Thank you.

    • Hello, we can take a look at it. The game that this site covers is made by MAG Interactive. Could you please find out the developer of the WordBrain that you are playing? The answer may be different because they are different games.

  4. I too am having a lot of trouble with level 4 of monkey. Mouse and whisper will not line up to finish!! How does it go down!!???!

    • The hints only pages have been phased out because we realized that WordBrain has started randomizing all levels when you unlock a puzzle pack. That means that in about 1~2 weeks they will become irreverent to almost all players. Now all the levels have been converted to hints only first, with walkthrough following a screen away.

    • The letters are the top row letters of the game board, given to easily identify each grid, as the game makers swap them around from time to time, also windows phones have different versions. (saying that, i’m on a win10 laptop but have windows phone version – annoying much!)


    370 …so far…PLAYGROUND, SANDBOX, SLIDE…can’t find last two…looks like swings but it’s not being accepted….any help?





  7. I no this is monkey but but in need of help.

    Stuck on owl 359, have been for a week.
    Tried all ways but can’t solve it.

    Desperate PLEASE HELP!!!

  8. Thanks 5o whoever it was helped me out with ‘cheeses for owl’s, was a big help. Although I too bad pint 4, it’s, so had to use a, i.e., provalone .

    Also would just like to say, a massive thank you to everyone who posts their answers.
    Mass they’re air help when needed.

    If u don’t want them, don’t look or ask.

    Don’t get abusive, use some paper to cover most & just look at 1st one.

    I’m grateful for them, answers I mean.

    • Yes! When you are stuck and just not getting it, the solves help. No need to be rude or anything. Thank you to all the anonymous people who help 🙂

  9. your answers to 380 don’t match mine. I haven’t got any ‘o’s in my puzzle. The top row is AVMRMR. please vive me first word, or theme. thank you

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