Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Teacher Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Teacher Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Teacher Level RLSTMTA
Monster, Mast, Raincoat, Heel, Infinity, Cream, Envelope, Skirt

Teacher Level PHADAFL
Teardrop, Female, Panda, Handball, Steak, Nightie, Shovel, Pear

Teacher Level RYOEOTS
Lemon, Clown, TV, Barrel, Cyclops, Hook, Sawdust, Elevator, Lorry

Teacher Level TLRKKNC
Tie, Cereal, Face, Chicken, Barrel, Chair, Medal, Mast, Cane, Kayak

Teacher Level ETEEEPJ
Silo, Mince, Overbite, Cup, Jump, Whale, Sail, Trombone, Thumb, Jam

Teacher Level RLTOCBB
Saucer, Pyramid, Stern, Earth, Scale, Mouth, Tall, Owl, Cabin, Comb

Teacher Level ECETSEW
Necklace, DART, Plate, Elephant, Eraser, Egg, Suitcase, Whistle

Teacher Level EFSTSYK
Cup, Scar, Thick, Ruler, Football, Fly, Roof, Scale, Pulltab, Shout

Teacher Level OTEEETN
Chin, Petal, Carrot, Headband, Down, Flagpole, Cufflink, Cheese

Teacher Level BEEEPRO
Butter, Anchor, Arm, Saddle, Smile, Blouse, Scarf, Stripe, Period

Teacher Level DAMREWR
Toaster, House, Laugh, Owl, Window, Anvil, Flower, Sword, Monster

Teacher Level BMRKGRO
Pencil, Rifle, Tug, Sugar, Angle, Kite, Barbell, Bomb, Sickle, Root

Teacher Level SEEYSRE
Sad, Prism, Bacon, Heart, Swan, Cheese, Grenade, Safe, Dress, Spray

Teacher Level BAIRTNS
Bacon, Flag, Brick, Slippers, Jam, Cashier, Wing, Elephant, Ghost

Teacher Level ESHCOST
Book, Pepper, Sink, Cookie, Hen, Dentist, Church, smile, suitcase

Teacher Level RSAEILL
Necklace, Rifle, Owl, Necktie, Path, North, Dinosaur, Ruler, Bell

Teacher Level PRDIKEB
Doorbell, Deep, Buckle, Crown, Soap, Pump, Knuckle, Painter, Dice

Teacher Level TILLEYC
Sofa, Honey, Barbell, Boot, Plum, Cookie, Center, Pumpkin, Pencil

Teacher Level TLWLCEA
Shower, Handball, Turtle, Trowel, Tail, Swing, Icicle, Vertical

Teacher Level AEELUWC
Idea, Dominoes, Keyhole, Stereo, Surgery, Large, Arrow, Coconut

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Teacher — 137 Comments

    • I need help someone please !!

      I’ve tried over & over again for days
      no the order, just CAN’T seem to fit them

      Please Help me out someone !!

  1. I just can’t finish level twelve “barbell” I’ve been at it for a week and I’m going to give up now. Very disappointed !! πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ˜¬


  3. Sorry to post on this page but
    getting nowhere on CHEF page.

    Need help with 469, accessory please anyone,

    would be so grateful !!!

  4. Help please. Stuck on 497. Have found campaign, vote, election and ballot. Need the last two. Pretty sure candidate might be there but can’t get it!

  5. Would appreciate any help with 479; bicycle.

    Bracket as someone said is NOT there, bicycle is,

    Need help please!! as would like to finish chef &
    move onto next.

  6. Got right order, just CAN’T fit 480
    Been stuck on this for days tried over & over,

    Need HELP someone PLEASE !!

  7. Help with factory level 499 teacher got worker,factory,industrial,I think I can see either furnace ot manufacture and am stuck on rest

  8. Ok
    Ok I’ve been stuck for days,
    Gone over 481 many many times, decoupling my hair out.


    Need Help Please anyone !!!!

    Got this far,DON’T want to have to UNINSTALL now


      • Tried the order u suggested,
        my phone/game still won’t have it.

        I’m at a loss as to what else to try, really don’t
        want to uninstall. x

        • Am ok with BEGINING,AMATEUR or
          BEGINING, EXPERT, AMATEUR then am ok with SPECIAL
          but Not I, S, T, whichever order I try just won’t work

          Am using windows phone if that makes any difference

  9. At last, i’ve finally solved it (481) had to start with PROFFIONAL & rearrange all.

    Thanks to whoever it was that tried to help.

  10. Need Help Please 483 tropical fruit,

    Have got 1st & 6th words, now struggling.

    Any Help would be appreciated Please !!

  11. I am stuck on 497. Have all the words thanks to you kind people but they do not fit correctly. I am totally at a loss and need serious help. Mmjp

  12. Been stuck on 482 for days. I have all the words in the supplied order but however I enter them I end up with an impossible path for the last 2 words, bicker and altercation.
    Can anyone give any guidance with order and path of words please?

  13. Teacher level 3 is not easy to solve I need a help I have found lemon, barrel, cyclops, clown,sawdust what is the 3letter word

  14. On teacher level 3 the top letters should be RYOEOTS but on my screen are ENKVROC. I can find the words LEMON and CLOWN but nothing else lines up. Any suggestions?

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