Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Waiter Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Waiter Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Waiter Level SRISOA
Mittens, Center, Hatchet, Fold, Ball, Pie, Sugar

Waiter Level CRVPCS
Overlap, Necklace, Compass, Elevator, Corner

Waiter Level ASXOTO
Peace, Knife, Trousers, Cashier, Box, Nose, Spot

Waiter Level PSMBHO
Doghouse, Negative, Hook, Ship, Dentist, Thumb

Waiter Level ECRZLE
Ghost, Cube, Hoe, Puzzle, Scales, Straw, Cashier

Waiter Level USRECG
Book, Camera, Petal, Log, Scale, Customer, Grass

Waiter Level PBNORM
Necktie, Kick, Pulltab, Lemon, Pancake, Mirror

Waiter Level GSNNNH
Arm, Ham, Wink, Patient, Money, Grapes, Question

Waiter Level THLSOO
Lapel, Money, Arrow, Full, Mail, Thin, Onions, Box

Waiter Level ALTSLI
Cheek, Dream, Stilts, Percent, Football, Swing

Waiter Level DWOWLN
Thick, Shallow, Pillar, Napkin, Postcard, Swan

Waiter Level LICWER
Pumpkin, Lamp, Bolt, Spinach, Tweezers, Trowel

Waiter Level IISHLA
Pepper, Bell, Umbrella, South, Dentist, Pliers

Waiter Level PSDWWK
Elbow, Chin, Rifle, Wink, Fork, Odd, Purse, Sun, Pie

Waiter Level AERTEE
Grenade, Mince, Knuckle, Ask, Shield, Boot, Root

Waiter Level LDFLAP
Slide, Plate, Cabbage, Oval, Wolf, Mince, Paddle

Waiter Level UUTENN
Well, Sugar, Wink, Jump, Lantern, Tooth, Necktie

Waiter Level RSCSED
Bald, Suitcase, Door, Sword, Floor, Scar, Shower

Waiter Level LECELA
Money, Necktie, Globe, Sail, Oval, Icicle, Scarf

Waiter Level TKTCTT
Rocket, Milk, Paint, Tennis, Negative, Hatchet

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Waiter — 97 Comments

  1. Hints…
    423: relationship advice
    424: Ships
    425: Hairdressers
    426: Flu symptoms
    427: Calendar
    428: Casino
    429: Metals
    430: Places of worship
    431: Shellfish
    432: Nuts
    433: Macho transport!
    434: Foot care
    435: Cuts of beef
    436: Planets
    437: Laying the table
    438: Swimming

  2. Stuck on 2nd & 3rd words Clown 416, hint – moving house
    Please !!!!

    No answers or on clown page all must have moved on,

    PLEASE Help me !!!! so I can finish clown.

  3. Can anyone help me get going with waiter please,

    Can grasp theme for 421 or 23, I get 22,

    Could anyone help me out please !!

  4. Mjp totally stumped. Have all the words for Waiter 435. Unable to arrange them correctly. Can anyone please help?/

  5. 435 can anyone help please. I have rib, flank and brisket. Can’t see anything else. Being completely thick on this level. Many thanks to all you anonymous helpers. You have helped no end.

  6. Would lv to but stumped on 434 foot care,
    Can anyone help please !!!

    As u been thick on this level, will b glad when eventually I get to end.

  7. Got it at last.

    Need last word on 435 others are tenderloin,flank, rib &
    brisket but can’t get last,

    Any help would be appreciated please !!

  8. Help please! 437 table settings. Unable to complete this one. Spoon plate knife fork is all I have. Napkin should go in there I’m sure

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