Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Whale Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. The links will guide you to a step by step walkthrough of the puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Whale Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Whale Level LORFE
Igloo – Paddle -Game – Odd – Fork – Log

Whale Level ESIEE
Large – Toaster – Stairs – Cabbage

Whale Level APIRE
Vampire – Period – Faucet – Trophy

Whale Level DESSC
Moss – Pryamid – Doghouse – Cannon

Whale Level THNSR
Toilet – Panda – Feather – Spinach

Whale Level MBKOT
Steak – Mail – Thumb – Lamp – Coconut

Whale Level EUCEA
Rope – Female – Stereo – Whale – Cube

Whale Level TIDKC
Sandpit – Arm – Palm – Mail – Padlock

Whale Level EHHOC
Spinach – Lighter – Hoe – Honey – Owl

Whale Level SERME
Panties – Plum – Center – Medicine

Whale Level PDNTA
Headband – Idea – Stilts – Pumpkin

Whale Level XARBN
Gap – Collar – Window – Axe – Dustbin

Whale Level RITFA
Bag – Lapel – Eat – Football – Mirror

Whale Level PMOET
Pump – Eskimo – Kitchen – Left – Dart

Whale Level OKNET
Feather – Pirate – Trombone – Hook

Whale Level YELST
Pie – Drill – Stripe – Key – Triplets

Whale Level LEPAH
Aerial – South – Pulltab – Painter

Whale Level TOISG
Stop – Mosquito – Tooth – Goldfish

Whale Level SGWWE
Nut – Blouse -Window – Wing – String

Whale Level UTTSN
Cyclops – Cactus – No – Chin – Trowel


Whale — 126 Comments

      • Thanks for this but Iam finding it impossible to complete. No matter which order I enter the works I end up with DRINK but the K is in thewrong place and I can’t finish the grid.

      • I can do all the above except DRINK – I have tried putting the words in different orders but am always left with DRINK and he K is next to the D and makes it impossible. Any help would be very much appreciated. This is Whale No.254.

  1. Whale windows phone grid looks like tho
    need a 7,9,5,4 the 4 letter word is sign

    • [email protected]

      • [email protected]

  2. Sorry did not mean to reply to your issue. I am crazy with mine issue. Can not solve level one whale . Found this spot and went with. Lol

  3. Windows phone
    K c z e l
    E t a r O
    R p e r p
    I c n p c
    H r c p O

    Finding very difficult, would love some assistance, please.
    I have found pretzel. Thanks

  4. Have to thank you all, have been a big help just lately.

    Whale 11

    Clutch. 10,8,4,& 3 needed

    Can anyone HELP PLEASE!

  5. Ignore above, it’s Windows phone they correct letters to form a word.
    It’s whale 11 (251)

    C r w g e
    I r h s l
    A e c e e
    H e a n h
    C l u t h. 10,8,4 & a 3 letter word

    Anyone PLEASE HELP its impossible can find a thing!

    All such a great help PLEASE HELP again x

  6. Rach, Whale 15 is;

    Assist, encourage, support, aid.

    Can anyone help me as I haven’t a clue, I’m really stumped & struggling, Please !

  7. Whale level 19 on Windows as they are different grids.
    Top row is ;
    O E T R G

    Can anyone help, am struggling can’t even get one.
    Please Help on the verge of cracking up
    Spent weeks looking at same grid

    • [email protected]

  8. I have been stuck on whale level 246 for a month or more. No cheats have “ankts” as the first line. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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