Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Clown Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Clown Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Clown Level ERSCUI
Toaster, Zipper, Honey, Stripe, Tie, Biscuit, No

Clown Level DWIRIT
Heart, Eat, Bald, Odd, Slippers, Chain, Swing, Nut

Clown Level PUROEN
Fan, Fruit, Door, Grenade, Ladybug, Lamp, Barrel

Clown Level ALWHRE
Iron, Brick, Doorbell, Horse, Bag, Female, Arrow

Clown Level ENETEU
Soup, Apple, Bedroom, Eyeball, Rocket, Knuckle

Clown Level TSASDF
Panda, Bald, Safe, Upstairs, Ask, Dentist, Paint

Clown Level HTKIAT
CELERY, Tie, Door, Think, Tail, Umbrella, Tomato

Clown Level AOGOCH
Wolf, Stairs, Fang, Steak, Hook, Igloo, Bow, Witch

Clown Level LEGSNT
Sofa, Olive, Pipe, Swan, Sausage, Patient, Happy

Clown Level SPLERN
Root, Moon, Candle, Lighter, Butter, Stop, Medal

Clown Level EDRAHG
Cart, Cupboard, Eat, Cane, Swing, Grenade, Right

Clown Level RATSTC
Panties, Stop, Soap,Scooter, Toaster, Hat, Cane

Clown Level IPTOGP
Moon, Jam, Lamp, Jug, Dominoes, Percent, Picture

Clown Level CKOMNM
Earring, Prism, Medicine, Haystack, Beetroot

Clown Level CPYEKA
Mirror, Cyclops, Infinity, Pancake, Football

Clown Level NDRONA
Beard, Turkey, Dustbin, Think, Fan, Thin, Anchor

Clown Level PERLLE
Lighter, Witch, Rifle, Porridge, Gloves, Drill

Clown Level PITJCH
Bedroom, Pumpkin, Shout, Ruler, Lava, Chair, Jar

Clown Level AUOINN
Lens, Chair, Spray, Milk, Melon, Crown, Umbrella

Clown Level TOSDNL
Earth, Record, Piano, Trousers, Lemon, Hook, Tie

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Clown — 159 Comments

  1. Tosdnl. Clown level 7— earth has been identified on the chart However, remaining words. I cannot place. I am stuck and and cannot move. Any. Suggestions.
    Jo faherty

  2. Stuck & need Help PLEASE for levels
    402 to 404, Please, can’t move on
    sure someone could HELP Me PLEASE !!!

    • What are you looking for help with? Have you looked back over earlier comments to check if the answers you’re looking for are there? Some of us have been posting answers to queries as replies and not as new posts..also, my phone doesn’t seem to update these comments frequently as they’re put up so possibly try refreshing the browser in case that’s what’s happening.

  3. I have posted answers as replies on both of ur earlier questions.
    Look back where u posted, all answers in order for all 3 levels u asked for

    • How do you know you need help on 406 or 407 when you haven’t seen the puzzle? 405 hint things about surgery

  4. Am vastly losing hope, think I’ll have to uninstall,
    I’m going to run into probs with 405,6 & 7 that I can see so far. Maybe should cut my losses

    • Maybe its just not the right game for you…though if you haven’t finished 405 how do you know you’ll be stuck on 406…how have you managed to get this far!? I’ll put down the answer to 405 once I’ve gone back to look at it, see if you can manage 406 without cheating 😉

  5. Don’t assume or accuse someone of cheating, unless You know their circumstances,
    Or do You !
    It’s not very nice.

  6. Can someone give me a clue ? 405 surgery, stitches, hospital,
    scan, scope
    Can get fine but scar, a problem –
    S is detached from the c, a, & n, won’t work at all.

    I’m sure someone must have had same prob, as I’m using nokia
    Any suggestions Please Help !!

  7. Need help, really stuck on 405, with SCAR

    S not connected to CAR, can’t move on, help needed please !!

    Someone must had same prob

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