Below is the complete solution and answers guide to the Owl Pack Chapter in Word Brain. Use this quick cheat index to help you solve all the puzzles. Click into the level to see the exact order on how to solve the word puzzles.

Still want a challenge and just want a little push when stuck? Owl Hints Only Mode will only provide you with the first letter of each word in the puzzle. Levels are randomly generated. We label each level based on the letters of the top row.

Owl Level BGRTEK
Butter, Iceberg, Shower, Lighter, Large, Brick

Owl Level GEPNER
Milk, Flower, Pipe, Dog, Thin, Customer, Panties

Owl Level FNERAK
Pirate, Straw, Ask, Arrow, Scooter, Lawn, Faucet

Owl Level ENLSSS
Petal, Crow, Gun, Mountain, Hoe, Scissors, Slide

Owl Level NWCWGK
Salt,ย Pump, Milk, Crown, Jug, Think, Bullet, Witch

Owl Level NEEED
Knee, Missile, Divide, Socks, Iceberg, Mittens

Owl Level XWLEEE
Mailbox, Clown, Keyhole, Sink, Melon, Envelope

Owl Level YHRIEA
Ladder, Unicycle, Pepper, Crack, Angle, Cherry

Owl Level JMDEPS
Stilts, Maze, Jam, Bacon, Postcard, Slide, Sheep

Owl Level JLSDAN
Camera, Jar, Sail, Scissors, Wide, Tennis, Japan

Owl Level BLLSET
Carrot, Dentist, Lapel, Blouse, Large, Cyclops

Owl Level SRUPDU
Scissors, Dinosaur, Thumb, Doll, Sheep, Saucer

Owl Level RERTSS
Neck, Upstairs, Fork, Right, Egg, Earth, Vampire

Owl Level EESSRU
Bald, Rabbit, Smile, Tie, Suitcase, Knife, Ruler

Owl Level NNPEFE
Listen, Fin, Gap, Tooth, Handball, Female, Plane

Owl Level CERPNO
Ball, Coconut, Kite, Sword,ย Lorry,ย Compass, Lawn

Owl Level IETMAN
Empty, Onion, Peace, Bat, Dream, Trunk, Saucepan

Owl Level PTWEOM
Shout, Blow, Female, Middle, Shallow, Pie, Petal

Owl Level NGSUOS
Cufflink, Down, Shower, Wing, Mushroom, Stripe

Owl Level LEAPPE
Maze, Loop, House, Flag, Left, Soup, Blow, Picture

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Owl — 140 Comments

  1. Ok– went back and did owl 1 again. Butter is first. Iceberg is second. If you don’t do that it won’t finish! Large will end up last.

    • The hints only pages have been phased out because we realized that WordBrain has started randomizing all levels when you unlock a puzzle pack. That means that in about 1~2 weeks they will become irreverent to almost all players. Now all the levels have been converted to hints only first, with walkthrough following a screen away.

  2. Owl level 1 is impossible I have played this knowing all the words and just can’t get it to end as the letters just don’t mesh

  3. I worked 2 days on owl 1 and finally. Butter is first and then iceberg. Large is last word.
    This has been hardest one for me. I believe brick is after iceberg, then shower, then lighter and large. Good lick.

  4. Why is my owl Level 11 Not the same as what I an seeing . I have all the Words but can’t get the order. My Words are maze, loop, house, flag, blow, left, soup and picture

  5. Owl 345 volleyball, archery, gymnastics, triathlon
    Thank you to all the anonymous people who post, I appreciate your help! Trying to pay back as I can ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. It’s getting a little more tricky now, definitely challenging

    346/7 Please anyone struggling, I’d b very grateful for any help given.

      • Thanks! Your comment wasn’t on show when I typed my q…then it appeared along with mine…perfect timing for me!

  7. I’m trying to solve 348 & really struggling ,

    Has anyone solved it or got anything at all.


  8. Many thanks to whoever posted answers for 347, been trying for days.

    Many thanks to whoever posted answers for 348,
    any clues for 349 would b great too.

  9. Stuck on owl 352 dablls..for windows…first word is spots and last word is black…any help would be great! Thanks

  10. Been on 359 now for almost a week, driving Mr mad.

    Have got the words & all ways but can’t get right order to solve it, to move on.

    Need HELP PLEASE !!!!

  11. Been working on Owl level 15 (BGRTEK) for ever. Got the words, “butter, large, iceberg, lighter, shower, brick.” Can’t get proper sequence. HELP!!

  12. I have been working to get the proper sequence to all 6 words: butter, iceberg, shower, lighter, large, brick of Owl #1, Level BGRTEX
    I tried over 50 times in different ways, and cannot go to #2. Can someone tell me if they succeeded. Thanks for your help.

  13. Can’t form a last word since the letters of the last words could not be joined together.I guess there is a mistake somewhere.

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