Are you looking for more challenges after you finish the main game? We have created a series of themed puzzles to keep your mind working!

You will need the latest version WordBrain 1.4.1 to access these custom fetch puzzles via code.

Thanksgiving 4×4 Custom Puzzle
10 Puzzles

Halloween 7×7 Custom Puzzle
5 Puzzles


Fetch Puzzle — 4 Comments

  1. I began on iPhone 7 Plus and also want to play on my iPad.

    But the game doesn’t bring my current level to iPad.

    How can I fix this?

    If there was a sign process I reckon the problem would be obsolete.

    All the best, Mal

  2. My student level 12 does not match anything in the Student level! The top row is RUFHCK and if I cannot get this puzzle I won’t be able to continue with your game! I have all the words: scarf, small, shower, think, shoulder, stomach but no matter what order I put them in I cannot solve! NEED HELP!

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